Salem's Finest Brew Cross Stitch Accessories.....

  • $15.95

Here we have a few items- that I had shown with my Salem's Finest Brew Cross Stitch- as seen in the Fall Issue of PNPS Magazine...  I'm showing them in various pictures here- with the cross stitch design, and individually.

The Broom is handmade- and will measure 7-8 inches, and the potion bottle and key "necklace" that I used to just hang from a tack on my finished piece ( but would look good sewn on to the witches neck), has a tiny 3/4" bottle with a tiny bunch of drieds inside- and a small vintage looking brass key- that can measure from 3/4" and up.  I have a variety..   The broom and potion bottle and key come together as a set- for $15.95 plus ship.

The chunky, Blackened Votive Pillar- shown with the grungy cheesecloth wrapped around- is priced at $7.95 plus ship, and it measures 2- 2 1/2" diameter, hand dipped and made by me....

The Clay sculpted and grunged candlestick holder- with a twisted rusty wire handle, and cheescloth wrapped around the diameter- is one of my favorites too..  I love making these..   It measures approx. 3" tall by almost 3" diameter at bottom- and then I add in a hand dipped mini taper to fit, and a tiny sprig of a dried.  This is $14.95 plus ship.

I hope you love these- and by all means- any questions do ask..  And remember- these are made to order- by me- so I'm giving myself a 2-4 week processing time...  

Thanks for peeking

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