Old Book Pages- Sepia Print- Printed Fabric- Many Choices

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Please Read All Details- Before Ordering- or message me with questions!! :) I want everyone to end up with the best sizes of linen-

**Please see my second photo- of one of my designs- stitched on this linen... Just love how this turned out... :)

**Old Book Pages- Sepia Print- Prim Coffee Stained- Cross Stitch Fabric-
Fat 1/4's and Fat 1/8's

NOW AVAILABLE IN LINEN, AIDA, MONACO, or LUGANA.... Just choose from the drop down menu... :) ( a little side note- Aida as you know is a little different than linen- so prints will line up different- and staining ends up a little different too.. It is also shorter in width- so you get a bigger piece with linen and monaco and lugana. The size of the fat quarters- and the fat eighth pieces- do vary by width of the bolt/ yard of fabrics. So- with all that- It's all good.. We aren't shooting for perfect- we are shooting for imperfectly prim perfect- on all our fun new fabrics!!! Hope you love them!!!!

The print has random old random book pages- and pieces of- placed everywhere- no rhyme nor reason- and every single piece will be different. These ones- with random prints- take just a little bit more to do- but oh my goodness- so much fun!!! Just imagine what you can add all over this one!!! Choose the count of fabric and price in drop down menu. So many possibilities with this one. Add fun motifs and letters- and anything you wish.. Just endless possibilities!!!

This particular print- has a heavier overlay of my transfers- which have a polymer base, from the transfers and the heat press and the inks used, giving it a softer thicker feel... By all means- use the same instructions- I include with every order- on ironing and steaming from the backside of the fabric..

Please remember- fat quarter and fat eights sizes can vary.. Generally they are approx 18 x 22- but some are larger and some a tad smaller- depending on width of the linen or the Aida. Aida- often comes in 44" width yards.

All of my printed linens can be used for any project you wish.. Just look at the pattern sizes- finished stitch size and count- to make sure it fits on the prints/linens I am offering. The Yarn Tree- has a great online calculator to help you figure this out.. And- I'm always available - to try and help- if I can... There's just so many ways to stitch- 1 over 1 or 1 over 2- etc etc.. And everything always affects your finished stitch size- so be sure to keep these in mind- when choosing the count of linen- and the size of the print- I am listing on that linen....

These pre-printed linen sheets- are done with a permanent - washable dura color laser toner, on special heat transfer sheets for heat press machines.. Each and every piece is done by hand, first printed, then heat pressed- then washed- then ironed, dried- then stained- and then the process is repeated until I get the desired warm - worn prim stained look that I love to achieve.. You'll be getting something quite similar to the picture shown- however- please remember- no two are alike..

***NOTE: Each and every one is hand done- one by one- so each- is unique- in color, mottled appearance, wrinkles, lines, fading- and distressing.. Imperfectly Perfectly Prim & Unique... AND- When Ironing- before and/or after stitching- please use a pressing cloth between your iron and your fabric- as I do heavily stain each piece- and add oils- that can stick to your iron.. I personally steam mine- and don't care what gets on what- or what messes up- as I love making it even more "distressed" - but a word to those who don't want it fudged- do use a pressing cloth!!!! :)

Our "Primitive Coffee Stained Linen"- is a much mottled coffee and walnut shade varying in warmth of the different coffees and mixes I use. I take a variegated base off white linen, and use my SCENTED stains to create a prim dirty- old linen like appearance- by adding age spots and "dirty looking areas" all over the piece, hoping to re-create that look- that you find in an old piece of linen or sampler found along the way.... Just love this color... I hope you do too....

I'll be selling these on a made to order basis. meaning- there could be up to a 2-4 week processing time, depending on what I have in stock, and what I need to order.. Most likely- all linen's will be ordered and then stained- by me- when you place your order with me... This way- I'm not setting on a very huge and expensive pile of linens.. And I can keep everyone who orders - up to date- on their orders, just in case we have a backorder issue or what not- through my suppliers.

I hope you love one of my new lines of pre- printed linen- and keep an eye on me- as I have tons more to offer.. More music sheets- fun backgrounds and graphics and paintings- etc., that I've created- that will add that extra special something to your sitching...

Thanks everyone.... & Any questions- just hollar at me.....


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