Prim FAT QUARTERS- Cross Stitch Fabrics- Many Choices

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This listing is for a FAT QUARTER of my stained linens... You get to choose- your favorite count of either Linen, Aida, or Lugana, and you get to choose weather you want my Regular Prim Stained color, or my Dirty Old Linen color.. 

Our "Regular Prim Sainted" color is a darker- more mottled mix of my special stain- of which I use instant coffee, walnut crystals- Cinnamon Butter Rum fragrance - and a few other natural secret things... To keep it fresh and all.. Every piece is different. Every piece has a great amount of "aged" spots- and areas- with a lovely mottled type of appearance.. Take a look through some of my patterns- and you'll see my linens there!!!

Our "Dirty Old Linen"- is a much lighter shade of my regular coffee stained linen.. I take a veriagated base off white linen, and use my stains to create a dirty- old linen like appearance- by adding age spots and "dirty looking areas" all over the piece.. It's quite subtle compared to my regular staining- and hoping to re-create that look- that you find in an old piece of linen or sampler found along the way.... Just love how this color has turned out... I hope you do too....

I'll be selling them by the fat quarters ( approx 18 x 26 ), and half yard cuts ( approx 25 x 36) and by the fat Eighth ( approx 18 x 11 ).   And, due to a handful of reasons, I'll be selling these on a made to order basis. meaning- there could be up to a 2-4 week processing time, depending on what I have in stock, and what I need to order.. Most likely- all fabrics will be ordered and then stained- by me- when you place your order with me... This way- I'm not setting on a very huge and expensive pile of linens.. And I can keep everyone who orders - up to date- on their orders, just in case we have a backorder issue or what not- through my suppliers.

Ohhh- and please note- due to me staining and dying these linens- in small small batches- often by the fat quarters themselves- NO TWO will ever be alike... And it also depends on the linen and colors I start with.. One thing for sure- they will be prim-tastic- and ready to stitch on....

Thanks everyone.... & Any questions- just hollar at me.....


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