Amazing Grace- Little White Church- THREAD KIT ONLY- For My Cross Stitch Pattern- Stitching 1 over 2 on 32 count

Amazing Grace- Little White Church- THREAD KIT ONLY- For My Cross Stitch Pattern- Stitching 1 over 2 on 32 count

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This thread kit- is for Amazing Grace- Little White Church, cross stitch pattern. This is for THE THREADS ONLY. 11 colors, in 5 and 10 yard skeins, instead of yards. This way- you'll have some extra in case of errors. There is enough thread to complete the pattern, as I have stitched it, which was stitched on 32 count linen, 1 over 2. If you choose another linen or thread count, and stitch differently- you may not have enough thread.

PLEASE NOTE: The amount of threads provided are STRICTLY for stitching AS I STITCHED this pattern. There is enough to stitch the pattern Amazing Grace- Little White Church- on 32 count linen, 1 thread over 2. Anything else, and I'm not responsible for shortages or overages... Please note this..

ALSO: I am giving all items related to Amazing Grace- Little White Church- a 2-4 week processing period- due to a large amount of interested buyers. This will give me leeway- just in case there are issues with ordering or items going on backorder. If anything slows down your order, then I will be in touch before the end of the 4 week processing period. I appreciate your time on this- as I am only one busy lady- lol- and somethings- things do happen when I order supplies in for everyone!!! Thanks sooooo much!!! :-)

Also- the threads shown in the picture- are NOT the threads you are getting- however- I wanted to show some of the gorgeous threads that are!!! The kits include what I stitched with - to complete the pattern. This particular pattern- used Gentle Arts Threads Only. And that is what will be provided- based on the

The following colors and yardage will be included: And again- complete skeins will be used.

GA- Expresso Bean- 5 yards
GA- Schoolhouse Red- 5 yards
GA- Parchment- 5 yards
GA- Dungarees- 5 yards
GA- Endive- 10 yards
GA- Daisy- 5 yards
GA- Dark Chocolate- 10 yards
GA- Antique Rose- 5 yards
GA- Oatmeal- 5 yards
GA- Piney Woods- 10 yards
GA- Wood Trail- 5 yards

IF you have ANY questions- PLEASE ASK FIRST... I want nothing but happy customers- and no confusion on such listings as these....

Thanks So Much & Happy Stitching!!!

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