Green Hand Sculpted, Hand Made Primitive, Vintage Style Belsnickel Santa

  • $145.00

I'd like to introduce to you, one of my newest sculpts, this 9.5 inch, Sage & Olive Green Belsnickel Santa..... He was meticulously hand sculpted using my own mixes of super sculpey clays, and then hand painted with attention and detail fo
r that time worn look.

I've hand made a small apple tree bundle for Santa to carry in his right hand, and he holds the strings to the toy sack on his back, in his right hand. Santa's colors are of a blend of Olive and Sage Green, blended and brushed, and a Burnt Umber brushed finish. Many, many layers of paint, including his hand painted eyes, which are blue. Everything is hand sculpted, and hand painted, no molds used.

Embellishments include a stained curly fleece trim added to his hat and down his coat, and around the bottom, as well as a light coat of real glass glitter on the creamy white base.

His beard is made using 100% real sheep's wool, very carefully adhered into place, tiny strand by strand.... Then lightly "brushed" out for a nice full beard and mustache....

He is constructed over a very strong armature, and has a solid base with both sculpey clays used, and then re-coated in a paper clay to get that mottled snow like appearance....

Many many details, and a lot of time and love has gone into this piece I am offering up for your consideration today.

Thank you for visiting.....

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