Printed Plain Portrait Music Sheet on Linen or Aida- Approx. 8" x 10" Print on 14 x 16" Fabric- Fabric Counts And Prices In Drop Down Menu

  • $22.00

Please Read All Details- Before Ordering- or message me with questions!! :) I want everyone to end up with the best sizes of linen-

NOW AVAILABLE IN LINEN, AIDA, MONACO, or LUGANA.... Just choose from the drop down menu... :) ( a little side note- Aida as you know is a little different than linen- so prints will line up different- and staining ends up a little different too.. But- that's okay by me.. We aren't shooting for perfect- we are shooting for imperfectly prim perfect- on all our fun new fabrics!!! Hope you love them!!!!

This listing is for my newest- Pre-Printed Plain Music Sheet- with NO Title on the music- and it's a portrait sytle print... I have two sizes available.. This one is the Approx. 8" x 10" approximately- print, on a 14"x 16" piece of linen.

NOTE: You will need to know the stitch count of any pattern you are using when stitching on this size and piece of linen- to determine if it will fit.. There are plenty of online fabric and count calculators- to help- and most patterns give a finished stitch size- of which you will need to fit on this printed design. The print size and linen size is given. There is a 3" border around the sides of the actual printed graphic.

These pre-printed linen sheets- are done with a permanent - washable dura color ink, by epson, on special heat transfer sheets for heat press machines.. Each and every piece is done by hand, first printed, then heat pressed- then washed- then ironed, dried- then stained- and then the process is repeated until I get the desired warm - worn prim stained look that I love to achieve.. You'll be getting something quite similar to the picture shown- however- please remember- no two are alike..

Our "Primitive Coffee Stained Linen"- is a much mottled coffee and walnut shade varying in warmth of the different coffees and mixes I use. I take a veriagated base off white linen, and use my stains to create a prim dirty- old linen like appearance- by adding age spots and "dirty looking areas" all over the piece, hoping to re-create that look- that you find in an old piece of linen or sampler found along the way.... Just love this color... I hope you do too....

I'll be selling these on a made to order basis. meaning- there could be up to a 1-3 week processing time, depending on what I have in stock, and what I need to order.. Most likely- all linen's will be ordered and then stained- by me- when you place your order with me... This way- I'm not setting on a very huge and expensive pile of linens.. And I can keep everyone who orders - up to date- on their orders, just in case we have a backorder issue or what not- through my suppliers.

I hope you love one of my new lines of pre- printed linen- and keep an eye on me- as I have tons more to offer.. More music sheets- fun backgrounds and graphics and paintings- etc., that I've created- that will add that extra special something to your sitching...

Thanks everyone.... & Any questions- just hollar at me.....


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