Sparrow Garden Journal- THREAD KIT ONLY- For My Cross Stitch Pattern

Sparrow Garden Journal- THREAD KIT ONLY- For My Cross Stitch Pattern

  • $14.40

Now offering some of my thread kits, for my patterns...

This thread kit- is for Sparrow Garden Journal, cross stitch pattern. This is for THE THREADS ONLY. You will receive all the threads listed in the picture, to complete the pattern, as I have stitched it, which was stitched on 32 count linen, 1 over 2. If you choose another linen or thread count, and stitch one over one- you may not have enough thread- or if one over 1- more than enough..

PLEASE NOTE: The amount of threads provided are STRICTLY for stitching AS I STITCHED this pattern. There is enough to stitch the pattern . Anything else, and I'm not responsible for shortages or overages... Please note this..

Also- the threads shown in the picture- are NOT the threads you are getting- however- I wanted to show some of the gorgeous threads that are!!! The kits include what I stitched with - to complete the pattern.

IF you have ANY questions- PLEASE ASK FIRST... I want nothing but happy customers- and no confusion on such listings as these....

Thanks So Much & Happy Stitching!!!

Please respect my copyrights. You may make as many of these as you would like for personal use, fun or for profit, but may not reproduce this pattern or sell it in any way shape or form. No sharing allowed either.

Please do let me know if you have any questions at all, I'm always here to help...

I hope you enjoy the first of many in my new line of patterns.

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