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Hello Hello!!!  End of year inventory is done- and I have lots of supplies and pretty's and must have's for you!!!  And due to all the wonderful and kind requests- I've added in three of the printed linens that we can do for you at this time...  Do remember- the printed linens are Pre-Ordered- and can take 6-8 weeks or longer!!! I tend to get massive waves of orders- due to wonderful stitchers- on social media- and it's a lot to get done!!!  lol..  Every so grateful- but yes-  I'm only one!!!   The rest of the items in here listed usually are ready to pick and ship!!! Just read the description and it should say..  If in doubt- email me!!!  :)
Also- do note- and read the descriptions on the printed linens..  Time to make and ship- and also- they are scented- and I explain that...  Also- there are limited numbers- so if you are looking to get these- do buy when I do a run on them..  I don't order linens in as much as I would like to.   Also...  I use all sorts of bases for my prints..  Currently- I'm using Parchment, Beige, Raw Linen, Antique White, and I've just added in Straw and Cappacino..  Confederate grey isn't out of the question either..   I love a variety- so please note-  NO TWO WILL EVER LOOK THE SAME!!!  Please understand that..  What you may have seen on flosstube or instagram or any other social media may or may not look like yours..   Each and every one is made one at a time for you!!!!  

Thanks everyone and if any questions- do hollar!!!  

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