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My Name is Niki, I own and run Kaniki's We are Located just outside the city of Norwich, New York, on a gorgeous 10 acre plot of land, in a wonderful home, surrounded by farm lands. My husband and I have been together for wow- 21 years- and have been raising our gorgeous- most wonderful daughter Rachael, 25. I'll post more updated pics soon of the family!! Goodness- I hadn't realized how old my "About Me" section was!! Naughty!!!

Our Critters, now include- our Bull Mastiff- "Oddie", and our Ummm- mixed pup Beau!!!  Lol..  He's quite the combo- and we're not sure it was described right..  But he is special to us!!!  :) And boy how time flies..  Oddie is 6 now, and Beau, he's 1 years old..  Oh my goodness...  Everyone has been adopted along the way!!! :) And then there is Sammy- - the princess cat. Or is it- "The Queen" - lol Love all of our animals- and I'll post some pics soon!!!

I opened Kaniki's about 18 years ago, with the support of my husband, my daughter, and our family, who without, I never would have even made it this far. They've supported me endlessly in their strength, their belief in me and the business, and have stood by me through the tough times in getting the business on it's feet. I thank God every day for giving me such a great family.

I am, I guess, what you would call a Mixed Media Artist. I am a Graphic Designer, a Cross Stitch and Punch Needle Artist & Designer- AND- I dabble in many areas in the arts, including Decorative Painting, Refinishing, Murals, Signs, I rescue trash and turn into treasures, I do Glass Etching, Painting with Oils, Watercolors,  and Acrylics, I do Computer Graphics, Photo Reproductions, Clay Sculpture, Mixed Media Assemblage, Mixed Media Art, and Collage, and I even study aromatherapy, natural healing, and I make all of my Candle Products, my Bath & Body Products, and So Much More. Antiques and Primitives, and anything found and old are some of my favorites to work with. Well- I can't think of too many things that I haven't worked with, as I enjoy them all so much.

Sooo, just a "tiny glimpse" into our world.. I hope you stop often as I share it more....
Thanks so much for stopping by Kaniki's!!

John & Niki
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