Instant XStitch Patterns

Do you like to have patterns for your cross stitch obsession, but want them like yesterday?  Well- I can't do yesterday- but I can do "instant"..  These patterns are available as digital downloads, that upon purchase- you get links to download your patterns- in pdf format.  Voila..  No waiting on the mailman for these!!!  If you need help- or have questions- do let me know..  And I hope you enjoy!!!  Thank you....  
P.s.  Just a little note for those using apple products- and Ipads..  A few folks have issues with instant download links using the Ipads etc., and this is a workaround for one of my customers - that might help you- if you have an issue.  She copied and pasted the links into safari- and downloaded them to print through GoodNotes.  A bit of a workaround- but turned out good and was able to print.  Hope this helps..

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