Warm Winter Wishes- Punch Needle Pattern -Mailed Version

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Kaniki’s is pleased to bring to you- "Warm Winter Wishes"- a punch needle pattern- that compliments my cross stitch pattern, as seen in PNPS Magazine- Winter Issue- 2017.

This one is for the mailed version- sent via USPS.. Check my other listings if you want the instant download...

I'm so happy to bring this pattern to you- through the magazine- for a cross stitch design- and now- as a punch needle design- available here.. I absolutely love doing landscapes- and fun designs- adding some prim- some whimsy- and of course I love anything to do with houses.. I just hope you love that in this design- we leave the lights on!!! Creating a warm and homey winter glow...

Please Note: If you purchased the download version of this pattern- in order to get the pattern line art- printed at full size, in Adobe- use the print settings as follows. Click on print- then click on pages to print- all. Then click on shrink over sized pages. What this will do- is take my line art, the pattern, which is actually on legal size paper, and it will split it into 2 pages. After it prints- use a ruler- to create a border line- at edge of printed design- to give you a guideline- to cut off the extra paper ( the approx. ¼” edge that was not printed on- due to the papers natural border when printing). Then- tape the two pages together, lining up the design borders, top and bottom- so everything matches back up- with clear tape- putting the design back together again for tracing. T

The design measures approx 13 ¼” wide- by approx. 5 ¾” tall, plus or minus a little more- depending on how you print- and if you do the same border as I did etc..

If you ordered the printed design- it is already on legal sized paper- and is ready to go- already in reverse.

I hope you enjoy this- and be sure to check our shoppe- for the new Slat Board Frames that we are now offering. I'm listing them in 5 sizes- and you can choose walnut stained- or any of our normal colors listed.

If you've any questions- please get in touch!! Always here to help...


copyright Kaniki’s Prims N Whims 2017

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