Dragonfly's Sampler- Cross Stitch Pattern- Mailed Version

Dragonfly's Sampler- Cross Stitch Pattern- Mailed Version

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This is for the MAILED VERSION.  Please visit my Instant Downloads Section- if you wish to have that option. New this ye...

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This is for the MAILED VERSION.  Please visit my Instant Downloads Section- if you wish to have that option.
New this year- is another pretty pretty project- including some of my favorite bits of summer…  Dragonfly’s, Quaker style motifs, trees and grass- fun borders- and some bits and bobbles of this and that…  Don’t forget the little birds- and the letters and numbers too..  All good for the making of a very sweet sampler..   While I haven’t finished stitching my own model- at the time of this release- I am in the process- but just couldn’t wait a minute longer to share it with you all..   I’ll update my cover- perhaps- when mine is done…  We shall see…   I do hope you enjoy stitching this- and can’t wait to see what everyone does with the colors- either suggested or picked from your own favorites!!!  Including the linens….  

I charted my model for 36 count using 1 thread over 2.   And along with some basic cross stitches- you’ll find a little bit of back stitching- which in all honesty- you can use straight stitching too.  Do what’s comfortable for you and have some fun

One more note, as you get to the color chart/key, I highly suggest my favorite colors- shown- in the Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye Works Threads!!!  I charted the design using DMC, and then marked down my Overdyed Thread choices next to the DMC colors.  By all means- this is all yours and you, so have some fun with colors!!!

Finishing for this chart is entirely up to you…  
Please note!!!  I don’t wish for anyone to “adapt” this cross stitch pattern into any other pattern on their own, as it is my design and I will be releasing future patterns using this, including a punch needle design and possible a hooked rug pattern.  If you’ve any questions regarding this- please do let me know….

Last thing, before you get stitching- is that if you’d like to order linens or threads, just send me an email, visit me online, and/or find me on Facebook!!! I sell and carry almost all supplies used for each pattern I make…

And again- if you ever have any questions- please just get in touch with me!!!
Thanks So Much & Happy Stitching!!!
Please respect my copyrights. You may make as many of these as you would like for personal use, fun or for profit, but may not reproduce this pattern or sell it in any way shape or form. No sharing allowed either.
Please do let me know if you have any questions at all, I'm always here to help...


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