"Hang Tag Ornies- Set 1- Wintery" -Cross Stitch Pattern- Instant Downl

"Hang Tag Ornies- Set 1- Wintery" -Cross Stitch Pattern- Instant Download

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New for the winter of 2021, "Hang Tag Ornies- Set 1- Wintery"...  CROSS STITCH PATTERN- INSTANT DOWNLOAD   Hang Tag O...

New for the winter of 2021, "Hang Tag Ornies- Set 1- Wintery"... 

Hang Tag Ornies – Set 1
Double Cross Stitch Pattern Packet

Allow me to introduce the first in my newest series!!!  Yup- I’m making tons more of these!!!  So stay tuned…  In the meantime- welcome to Set 1- “Wintertime”…  This pattern packet includes 2 charts- with some basic building and finishing instructions- as well as some links to the one and only Vonna Pfeiffer - aka- “The Twisted Stitcher”…  Who was not only kind enough to help me figure out how to explain my directions to you- but she took my video call as well to help me figure the details out- from a stitcher’s perspective as well as a finisher’s perspective..  So- trust me when I say- follow the links in this pattern- if you don’t already know how to find her- and find her two tutorials- on making a flat round ornament and a hang tag ornament.  I’ll link you to one here: How to finish a ROUND FLAT ORNAMENT - Vonna The Twisted Stitcher - YouTube and you can just click on her name- and find the one for the hang tag!!!! 

So- both charts- have a limited color palette- but boy I just LOVE how they turned out- and had so much fun making them..  Small- fun- and faster than some of my bigger charts and projects..  I stitched both of these on 36 Count- Weeks Dye Works Linen- Confederate Gray- that I prim stained ( and also available on my site as it comes in )…  Just love it- and perfect for the pieces…  I used Gentle Arts- and Weeks Dye Works threads- however- this is charted in DMC- and I am sure that they will also look just gorgeous as well…  Basic cross stitch x’s are used throughout this entire piece. And there is a bit of backstitching involved as well. Simple stuff though….

Full Directions- and How I went about things- are included in the pattern. However- any questions- please do get ahold of me...

And for the stuff I need to add to my charts- Please note!!!  I don’t wish for anyone to “adapt” this cross stitch pattern into any other pattern on their own, as it is my design and I will be releasing future patterns using this, including a punch needle design and possible a hooked rug pattern.  If you’ve any questions regarding this- please do let me know….

Last thing, before you get stitching- is that if you’d like to order linens, threads, just send me an email, visit me online, and/or find me on Facebook!!! I sell and carry almost all supplies used for each pattern I make, and if not in stock- I can usually order in for you!!!!

Thanks So Much & Happy Stitching!!!

Please respect my copyrights. You may make as many of these as you would like for personal use, fun or for profit, but may not reproduce this pattern or sell it in any way shape or form. No sharing allowed either.
Please do let me know if you have any questions at all, I'm always here to help...


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