Here Comes Santa Clause-Cross Stitch Pattern- Printed And Mailed

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PLEASE READ BEFORE BUYING--- I now offer the linen- in my shop- in different sized prints and counts- and it is NOT the same as the one shown here in my model.. As I worked on my model- I kept changing the music sheet- to suit my interests- to make it more and more like a regular music sheet should and would look- and so that more music bars show through.... Please look carefully at this pattern- and the linen- before ordering linen, as it will not end up- exactly the same as this model is shown.. And please note: This listing is for the Santa Cross Stitch Pattern Only!!!!! If you've any questions at all- PLEASE contact me ahead of time- I'm always available for questions and help... Thanks ever so much.....

New for the winter of 2016, "Here Comes Santa Clause"...
CROSS STITCH Pattern- Printed And Mailed

This Is For The PRINTED AND MAILED Version. If you'd like the instant download- just look right here in my shop- in the instant download patterns. This listing is for the charted pattern of Santa Only!!! The linen with the music sheet- here comes Santa- is sold separately.

This pattern was charted for 1 thread over 2, on a coffee stained 36 count Linen. The cross stitch chart- only includes the Santa.. Not the music notes.. Sooo- Optionally- you can purchase the pre-printed music sheet on Linen- from me at Kaniki’s. I’m offering counts of 28, 30, 32, 35, 36, and 40. There are 2 sizes of prints on linen- each with a 3” border around.. You can choose an 8 x 10 print- with an added 3 “ extra border- or you can choose a 6.5” x 7” print, with the 3” extra border.

Here are my recommendations- if purchasing the linen separately to go with this pattern:
I recommend this: If stitching over one- choose counts 28 either the 6.5 or the 8 x 10 prints, or 30 or 32.. Those counts work best for over 1

If stitching over 2, you can fit the design on 32 count- but you will have to start at the very bottom of the music sheet- and remember - you will cover more of the music sheet- than my model shows...

If stitching over 2- I highly recommend the fabric counts- 35, 36 and 40, with the 8 x 10 prints.. Those work best for over 2... :)

Just message me if any questions, because depending on the size of linen you choose- you need to make sure your finished stitched design- fits on the music sheet… If you need any help calculating what you’ll need- just give me a holler. I know of a fantastic online linen and thread calculator, and we’ll figure out what you need….

You can of course choose any linen you wish, however, keep in mind, that if you use a smaller or a larger count of linen, the finished size will change. I also extra dyed this linen to give it an aged appearance, before and then once done with the total project. Again, this too is a preference.

I chose to stitch my model- 1 thread over 1 thread – on a stained 28 count linen. Basic cross stitch x’s are used throughout this entire piece. One more note, as you get to the color chart/key, please note that I stitched this piece strictly with DMC Threads!!! By all means- this is all yours and you, so have some fun with colors, and play around with any of the fabulous threads out there!!!

Finishing for this chart is entirely up to you… I first ironed/steamed my finished stitch.. I then cut the extra linen off- approx. ¾” away from the edges of the design, all the way around. I lightly frayed the edges.. I then cut a piece of gorgeous backing fabric, about an inch larger than my finished stitched piece. I fused the stitched piece to the pretty side of my fabric and then trimmed off excess. I then had a pretty stable “matted” piece- of which I then tacked onto our new Faux Rusty Metal- Finishing Boards. There are just so many endless finishing possibilities…. Just look in my shop- for the Faux Rusty Metal Finishing Boards.. I think you might just love em...

Please note!!! I don’t wish for anyone to “adapt” this cross stitch pattern into any other pattern on their own, as it is my design and I will be releasing future patterns using this, including a punch needle design and possible a hooked rug pattern. If you’ve any questions regarding this- please do let me know….

Last thing, before you get stitching- is that if you’d like to order linens, threads, or any other supplies, just send me an email, or message- and let me know what we might be missing....

Thanks So Much & Happy Stitching!!!

Please respect my copyrights. You may make as many of these as you would like for personal use, fun or for profit, but may not reproduce this pattern or sell it in any way shape or form. No sharing allowed either.

Please do let me know if you have any questions at all, I'm always here to help...

PLEASE NOTE: The music sheet - is not included in my pattern- this is for the stitched chart of the Santa Only.. For the music Sheet- my image has slightly changed- as this is not the original music sheet for this song- rather an old vintage- copyright free music sheet- that I highly altered- with my own basic words, and lyrics- repeating Here Comes Santa Clause- right down Santa Clause Lane. The notes and "my lyrics" do not match- and no copyright violations have been made... I just wanted that to be known- as I am very very careful- on the use of public domain- and copyright free images- when using in my work!!!

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