Raven, Moon, Nevermore.. -Cross Stitch Pattern- Printed And Mailed

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PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BEFORE BUYING--- I am giving all items related to Raven, Moon, Nevermore - a 2-4 week processing period- due to a large amount of interested buyers. This will give me leeway- just in case there are issues with ordering or items going on backorder. If anything slows down your order, then I will be in touch before the end of the 4 week processing period. I'm also working on orders daily- to get them to you in time for the holidays- so bear with me- as I am only one :) I appreciate your time on this- as I am only one busy lady- lol- and sometimes- things do happen when I order supplies in for everyone!!! Thanks sooooo much!!! :-)

This Is For The PRINTED AND MAILED Version, of Raven, Moon, Nevermore!!! If you'd like the instant download- just look right here in my shop- in the instant download patterns.

This listing is for the charted pattern of the whole scene you see in the picture- however- I stitched my model- on my printed linen. The printed linen, Raven, Moon and Bats- is sold separately. It is not included in the chart. And - this pattern packet will give "Basic Guidance" on how to stitch most of the chart- loosely- and adventerously - on my linen. You will NOT be able to follow the chart to an exact "T" IF you are going to stitch it on my printed linen. If you choose any other regular linen- your choice of counts etc., then the chart is good as is. PLEASE ask any and all questions- prior to ordering- so there is no confusion- when it comes to you.

This pattern was charted for 1 thread over 2, on a coffee stained 36 count Linen. Optionally- you can purchase the pre-printed Linen, with the Raven, Moon, and Bats- from me at Kaniki's, of which I stitched my charted model on.

This pattern shows the chart, thread colors and yards used- as well as extra notes, for the charted design. The Raven, Moon and Bats Printed Linen - is sold separate from this chart and can be found in my Etsy Shoppe. The linen is being sold in Fat Quarter and Fat Half Sizes. You'll need to figure out how big the finished size will be- based on the stitch count of the chart- and then choose the best size of linen that you think you will need. The Printed Linen is optional. By all means- the design itself would look fantastic on any other linen or material.. And for those of you stitching on your choice of linen, based merely on count- then all you'll need to do is gather your supplies- and follow along with the chart.

For those that are going to be adventurous and use my printed linen- please follow along the basic "guidance" I have provided after the chart and key page. I've given basic notes- that described the process I used to loosely follow along with my chart, however- please note- everyone is going to end up with a different result- as there are many choices of fabric counts- and how people stitch. You will need to move things around- and make lots and lots of adjustments .. It's definitely going to be an adventure- but as I found, one worth stitching!!! I hope you can too- enjoy this process. And if you need help along the way- by all means- let me know!!! I wish for this to be enjoyable to you as well.

Another note, for those stitching on the printed linen- I highly recommend- that for those that choose 28, 30, and 32 counts- that you choose a fat half of linen. And for those that choose 35, 36, and 40 counts, you will do fine with a fat quarter. If you need help figuring this out- there is a free online cross stitch calculator- by The Yarn Tree, or by all means- please contact me- and I'll help you figure it out.

When I calculated sizes into Yarn Tree's online calculator- these are the finished sizes I got- when stitched over 2 threads:

-28 count- finished size- 15 3/8" x 17 5/8"- needing fabric size of 21 1/2" by 23 1/2"
-30 count- finished size- 14 3/8" x 16 1/2"- needing fabric size of 20 1/2" by 22 1/2"
-32 count finished size- 13 1/2" x 15 1/2" needing fabric size of 19 1/2" by 21 1/2"
-35 count finished size- 12 3/8" x 14 1/8" needing fabric size of 18 1/2" by 20"
-36 count finished size- 12" x 13 3/4" needing fabric size of 18" x 19 1/2"
-40 count finished size- 10 3/4" x 12 3/8" needing fabric size of 17" x 18"

One more note, as you get to the color chart/key, please note that I stitched this piece strictly with Gentle Art Threads, however- DMC Alternatives are given!! By all means- this is all yours and "you", so have some fun with colors, and play around with any of the fabulous threads out there!!!

Now- finishing for this chart is entirely up to you. There are just so many endless finishing possibilities .... I ironed my piece- and trimmed to where I liked it- and frayed the edges of the linen. I then finished mine loosely- by fusing to a piece of misc. fabric I had on hand- for added stability- and then to a ragged piece of burlap- and then I attached to a tree limb- with dried leaves on it. Thanks to mother nature- and the perfect timing of the year. This way- I can still frame my piece or mount it to a more permanent surface- later in the future.

And lastly- as my last note here- I don't wish for anyone to "adapt" this cross stitch pattern- into any other pattern on their own, as it is my design- and will be released in the future- as other patterns for either punch, rug hooking or embroidery. If you've any questions- by all means- just ask. And last- before you get stitching- is that if you need any supplies- and don't see them in my shop- do let me know!!!

Thanks So Much & Happy Stitching!!!

Please respect my copyrights. You may make as many of these as you would like for personal use, fun or for profit, but may not reproduce this pattern or sell it in any way shape or form. No sharing allowed either.

Please do let me know if you have any questions at all, I'm always here to help...

PLEASE NOTE AGAIN: The music sheet - is not included in my pattern- this is for the stitched chart of the church, landscape and alphabet only. Visit my printed linens section here in my shop- to order the specially printed linen- Amazing Grace- Little White Church- for 32 Count Linen- Stitching 1 over 2. Thanks so much!!!! :)

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