Raven, Moon, Nevermore- Printed Fabric- Many Choices

Raven, Moon, Nevermore- Printed Fabric- Many Choices

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PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BEFORE BUYING--- We are now going to be taking orders on our Raven Moon Nevermore- Printed Fabrics...

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PLEASE READ EVERYTHING BEFORE BUYING--- We are now going to be taking orders on our Raven Moon Nevermore- Printed Fabrics- on  Fat 1/4 cuts of fabrics.  The print itself is approx 10" tall by 6+ inches wide- leaving the whole rest of the fabric for stitching.   This print was originally done for my Raven, Moon, Nevermore pattern- which uses this printed design to stitch the pattern next to- and around.  This gives plenty of room for stitching- and a border around the design.   

Note:   Please be patient with us- due to the current supply and demand of Linen's and fabrics- and that it's just me and my husband and daughter- doing all of the orders...  It can take up to 8 weeks or longer to get your order- and if there are any issues- we will contact you...  

NOTE:  Do look for my pattern version- Raven, Moon, Nevermore- that shows the model stitched on the printed linen..  The information in this will give you a little more insight- however- if you need help- please just message me....  

All The Other Information:  A little about my printed linens. These pre-printed linen sheets- are done with a permanent - washable Sublimated Ink system- for heat press machines.. Each and every piece is done by hand, first printed, then heat pressed- then washed- then ironed, dried- then stained- WITH pretty strong scents, that I use for my candlemaking- which are apple, cinnamon- and hot butter rum,  and then the process is repeated until I get the desired warm - worn prim stained look that I love to achieve.. You'll be getting something quite similar to the picture shown- however- please remember- no two are alike..

***NOTE:   We are now using a whole new system to print our linens..  It's called Sublimation.  It's still done with a transfer paper and heat press system- however- the sublimation process actually infuses the inks and colors directly into the fabrics!!!  We're so excited...  And we just hope you love these printed linens as much as we do!!  Designed and made for our stitchy project backgrounds-  The printed part of the linens are to accentuate the stitching itself.... I hope you love the end result- like I do... ❤

***NOTE:   Because each and every one is hand done- one by one- each- is unique- in color, mottled appearance, wrinkles, lines, fading- and distressing.. Imperfectly Perfectly Prim & Unique... AND- When Ironing- before and/or after stitching- please use a pressing cloth between your iron and your fabric- as I do heavily stain each piece- and add oils- that can stick to your iron.. I personally steam mine- and don't care what gets on what- or what messes up- as I love making it even more "distressed" - but a word to those who don't want it fudged- do use a pressing cloth!!!! :)

NOTE:   My stain is also pretty heavily scented with cinnamon, apple and hot butter rum!!!  I love that prim aroma- and it also makes the fabric smell so much better than chemically- from this process of printing...   

Our "Primitive Coffee Stained Linen"- is a much mottled coffee and walnut shade varying in warmth of the different coffees and mixes I use. I take a variegated base off white linen, and use my stains to create a prim dirty- old linen like appearance- by adding age spots and "dirty looking areas" all over the piece, hoping to re-create that look- that you find in an old piece of linen or sampler found along the way.... Just love this color... I hope you do too....

I hope you just love the printed linen that you receive- and don't forget to keep an eye on me..  I'll be trying to do this as much as we can- and as often as linen comes in- and is available...  They have that something something that will add that extra special something to your sitching...

Thanks everyone.... & Any questions- just hollar at me.....



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