The Old Crow Inn- Part 1 of 1800's Homesteaders Series- Cross Stitch P

The Old Crow Inn- Part 1 of 1800's Homesteaders Series- Cross Stitch Pattern- Printed And Mailed

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The Olde Crow InnPart 1- of the 1800’s Homesteaders SeriesPRINTED & MAILED -Cross Stitch Pattern PacketHi there every...

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The Olde Crow Inn
Part 1- of the 1800’s Homesteaders Series

PRINTED & MAILED -Cross Stitch Pattern Packet

Hi there everyone..… Welcome to my new series- the 1800’s Homesteaders Series…  And here is part 1- The Old Crow Inn…  I’ve designed 7 patterns so far- for this series- and will be introducing them 1 or 2 at a time through the year, and although I’ll be showing them stitched separate- I think they would look great- stitched all together- in a random pattern on some gorgeous linen or fabric of your choice… 

I charted this for 40 count- and suggested stitching 1 over 2.  There are 2 areas in the chart- that have 1 over 1 charted, however- if not comfortable stitching over 1, then by all means- use the charted area- as a guideline- and just backstitch those letters and numbers in.  It’s really all a matter of preference…  Stitched on a mottled Stained linen.  Of course- again- as always- your linen choices- are 100% yours and personal..  I love that about cross stitch!!!   Basic cross stitch x’s are used throughout this entire piece, as well as some back stitching, and some 1 over 1 stitching- as I’ve noted.

One more note, as you get to the color chart/key, I highly suggest my favorite colors- shown- in the Gentle Arts and Weeks Dye Works Threads!!!  I charted the design using DMC, and then marked down my Overdyed Thread choices next to the DMC colors.  By all means- this is all yours and you, so have some fun with colors!!!

Finishing for this chart is entirely up to you…   

Please note!!!  I don’t wish for anyone to “adapt” this cross stitch pattern into any other pattern on their own, as it is my design and I will be releasing future patterns using this, including a punch needle design and possible a hooked rug pattern.  If you’ve any questions regarding this- please do let me know….

Last thing, before you get stitching- is that if you’d like to order linens, threads, just send me an email, visit me online, and/or find me on facebook!!! I sell and carry almost all supplies used for each pattern I make…

And again- if you ever have any questions- please just get in touch with me!!!
Thanks So Much & Happy Stitching!!! 


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