Back in Business & Thank You To You All....

Back in Business & Thank You To You All....

Hey there everyone!!!   More "New" News- and so much more...

Soooo- where to begin???  How about this!!   We are now doing our linens and wood goods again!!!  Yup!!!   And we have you to thank - as we have been blessed with soooooooooooo many great customers that have been constantly reaching out to us- to bring back our linens- and our finished hand made wooden goods.   We just couldn't say no...   We've narrowed our selections down to our utmost most popular items- and re-arranged the navigation menu again- so that you all can find them.  And we keep adding in more things that we can- as we go!!

We have a simple but fantastic selection of linens and fabrics for stitching and some of our most popular printed linens- that go with some of our patterns, such as Here Comes Santa, Amazing Grace, Raven Moon Nevermore- and of course Sepia Trees.   We've also put in a few of our American themed prints as well.   And we'll just have to see what the future brings- as we do more patterns that are in the lineup!!!   To add to this- we're also going to be doing our hand stained fabrics and linens as well- in our traditional colors- Prim Stained or Dirty Olde.   You asked- we listened- and we couldn't resist you all!!!

John has also helped me pick our favorite and most popular wooden items- and he's ready to rock!!!  We've been gathering lots of old wood for our goods- over the summer too- so stay tuned and visit our Supplies & Needful's section to see what we have.  Visit often- as well- because you never know what we'll be adding.

This year has been a whirlwind- but as things have kind of settled- and we got a little time to re-rejuvenate- and with all your well wishes- we are ready to bring in the seasons- and bring back a lot of our most popular items.   And more is coming-  things we'd really like for Kaniki's to have to offer.   

Please do remember- it's just John and I - and all custom made orders still have a 2-4 week processing time- from order date to ship.   While we always try to get things done and out as soon as possible- we like to give ourselves this leeway to make sure you are getting the best- and we aren't behind.  Orders might go out a lot sooner ( aka- especially with patterns and things ready to go )- but we have that processing time in place for so many reasons!!!  Any questions- or if you are unsure- just reach out to us....  

Sooooo-  we're getting lots done around the homestead- and I'm working on new designs for both PNPS magazine- and for all of you for the seasons coming ahead...   And making plans for things we can bring to the table here for the rest of the year.   I can't wait!!!   

Hope you visit us often- and by all means- any questions- or just feel like reaching out- get ahold of us via social media- or by sending us a message!!!!    We love to hear from you!!!!

Thank you to everyone- and many many blessings from our home to yours!!!
John & Niki


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