Progress on a new design & Welcome to Kaniki's new website...

Posted by Nichole Franklin on

Hey there everyone..  Just starting out the new site- with oh my goodness- a blog post..  AKA- What's Happenin'...  :)   I'm so excited to open my site up- and begin again..  While Etsy has been very good for Kaniki's- being out on our own is soooooo much better..  I hope everyone is loving the new site..  I've just about finished my tweaks, with a little more to go...  And I've added some great features- I hope everyone will love...  Such as a live chat from 11-11 everyday- and contact forms, and a wishlist feature- and so much more..  If you've any thoughts or suggestions- please do send me a message....  I'd love to be in the "know"...
Soooo- my little picture here- is some progress on a new design- which is going to be so much fun...  It's a sunflower seed packet style design- with painted ( or stitched )- fee sack stripes that will go on the side..  I'll keep you posted on that!!!  I'm stitching away!!!!  And then it's back to the 1800's Homesteader series I am working on.    I'm so excited- about all the new designs that I'm working on getting done...  
Well my pretties- I want to thank everyone for stopping in...   Be sure to visit my freebies page- as well- as I just put 2 in there- and I'm working on adding more..  It's the least I can do- for all of your support...
Thanks bunches & Enjoy this day...  

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  • Marty- sorry- I just caught your comment- so I apologize for not answering right away.. Best way to get me with questions- is to message me- through our contact us button or chat or facebook… :)

    BUT- to answer your question, about Winter Solstice- I think it would look gorgeous on just about anything.. My own choice no matter if printed linen or not- is always prim and dirty- lol.. But this particular design would look great either on the suggested- or yes- on regular prim or dirty!!! For sure…

    Hope this helps…

    Need anything- hollar my way…


    Nichole Franklin on
  • Would winter solstice look better on "prim’ or dirty linen?

    marty on
  • Love your website. So organized with a personal touch. Best wishes to you and your husband.Hugs

    Diane Elder Adams on
  • Thank you so much everyone… Sheila- I love this so much more… xoxo

    Niki on
  • Your new site is wonderful! It’s much more personable than Etsy! It’s seems to be more you, or at least what I think you might be like. I love it and can’t wait to see what all you’re working on! ♥️

    Sheila B on

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