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Sooooo- what's happening at Kaniki's???  Oh boy...   Tons around the homestead- and we've had a ton going on with family- so it's been a little out of our normal quiet.....   And the thoughts that run through this artist's head- are as varied as those colors of thread we all know and love...   Sooooo- as well as doing a whole bunch of personal things- I've been designing- and playing a bit- and revamping the website.... 

( a new design coming soon- Dragonflies & Baubles - something I've been stitching and designing on for a month or so.  Needs a few tweaks yet. )

In the middle of all this-  I got to thinking- why not just re-open my sections- that include everything "Ready To Ship"- aka- things I've already made- and are good to go- and I've also been contacted by so many people that wanted my printed patterns- sooo- with a little chit chat and thought- John and I decided that we'd open up all the printed and mailed patterns again too.....   Patterns can be printed and packed and shipped pretty quick ( John is recruited for this too lol )- and things that are ready to ship- can be packed up and sent out pretty quick..  We're hoping to keep all orders within a weeks' processing time- from order to ship.

I know - I know!!!  Not really what anyone else would call a vacation or stay-cation- but I am a busy soul- and I'm working on quite a few things I'm going to want to release anyway!!!   Yup- I have a condition called- "I can't sit still"....   And I also have a lot of goodies- I need to get on the site for ya's...  Ready to go- goodies and such!!!  Keep checking in.....  I've TONS!!!  

Stay tuned on what things will be offered and when- as we're trying to catch up and re-juvinate and get things done- that have been too long on the lists....

So- as you see below- I've started stitching the design I'm working on ( shown above )- but haven't gotten to far..   I'm designing and stitching- back and forth- in between everything else going on!!!  But boy oh boy- am loving my colors so far.   See that gorgeous pile of threads???  Loverly!!!!   So- stay tuned on this- and I'll also be doing a design for the Fall issue of PNPS magazine!!!  Wooo-hooooo!!!   See??  Tons going on- and that's only a smidge of it....

( The start of the above design- the center motif at the top )

Well- I know there's more- but it's also 2 a.m.- and boy has it been a busy day....   I'm liable to not be able to hold a thought- and not liable for that!!!  he he :-)  So with this bit of news- I will bid you all an adoooo- for the day...   If you have any questions- email me or catch me online!!!  And I hope you are all having a super fantabulous summer filled with pretty's and good things!!!

John & Niki

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